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Dreams come true and Gloria Robledo, teacher of the School of Philosophy and Humanities of Sergio Arboleda University, knows it. More than a decade ago she was admitted at the University of Salamanca, the oldest higher education institution in Spanish language, but she decided to postpone the decision because she had to take care of her little daughter.

However, her dream continued to exist and, many years after, she was one more time admitted in that Spanish university, founded in 1218 by the King Alfonso X, where she will travel to do a Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science. Karl Popper and José Pablo Feinmann are some of the authors which will accompany her during her experience. She dreams to visit Barcelona, Córdoba, Granada; she has read about these cities… She has been preparing for years to realize her dream.

What motivated you to pursue a postgraduate scholarship abroad and not in Colombia?

I’m a graduate from the School of Philosophy. When I was at the university I wanted to do an exchange semester in one European higher education institution. At that time, through the Office of International Relations, ORI, I applied to University of Salamanca and I was accepted, but my daughter was yet at the school, she was very little to leave her. The plans of traveling didn’t succeed in that period, but the desire remained.

The years passed and I had notice that the University of Salamanca gave 30 scholarships to Latin-American students, in all the disciplines, without age limits and, since I had a good average, with optimism, I decided to apply and fortunately I have been selected.

Why did you choose Spain?
Because when I wanted to do an exchange, Sergio Arboleda University had and continue to have an agreement with University of Salamanca, and since that moment I felt in love with that institution.

What offers the scholarship that you obtained?

This scholarship is to do a Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science, is very complete because it covers the tuition fees, the accommodation and meals in the campus housing, health and accident insurance and social responsibility.

Which was the process to obtain it?
The process was too easy, it was required to complete a form and to attach a very simple documentation, everything on line. They don’t even inform if they have received the application, they only come in contact with you when you have been selected.

Have you already visited Spain?

I have been in Spain but only for a few days, but now that I will stay for more time, I will have the opportunity to visit many interesting places. I wish to take advantage of time because I want to do “The Way of Saint James”, visit Barcelona; I have a particular interest in Córdoba and Granada and obviously in Madrid. The truth is that I want to visit everywhere. I have been preparing for this trip, through lectures about history, literature and art, and additionally to study there are many things that I want to do.

Which is your favorite book?

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

Which books will you bring for this trip?

I will carry “The Open Society and Its Enemies” by Karl Popper, “Philosophy and the Mud of History” by José Pablo Feinmann, and I also will bring my digital library.

What have you research about University of Salamanca and what are your expectations?

This is a very prestigious institution and it has a lot of tradition in Europe; next year it will reach 800 hundred years since its foundation, it is very beautiful and has a precious library that will be my favorite place.

Why study a Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science?

This master with emphasis in Argumentation takes specially care on solving conflicts through the rational discussion. It is oriented to the theoretical problem of the rationality and the discourse as the practical ambit of the culture and the intermediation.

Which are your expectations with this travel?

This will be a wonderful trip that will change my personal and professional life. I hope that in the near future we can apply at Sergio Arboleda University the knowledge acquired, through an argumentation class for students of Law, Politics, Philosophy and Social Communication.

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