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La Sergio rewards academic excellence with an international scholarship


4,82, because of these three numbers Sergio Andrés Sánchez became the student with the highest average in the program of Electronic Engineering and is fulfilling his dream of travelling to the United Kingdom to learn English.

“Travelling to other countries for me was an utopia” is what this 24 years old native of Ocaña –North of Santander- repeats while remembering that since he was in second semester, he visited travel agencies with the objective of knowing the world through their magazines and newsletters.
“I did that for the emotion of knowing what programs they offered. Taking into account my economic limitations to afford those programs, I felt my heart breaking but I also thought I had to work hard to be closer to one of those opportunities”.

Because of his academic record that also allowed him to be ranked second high school graduate in the country, his dream of studying abroad is about to come true.

“I have always wanted to pursue my postgraduate studies in the aero spacial field. I want to be a spacial engineer, as the dean of my school. A fundamental requirement for this is the proficiency in English and I am sure this English program is going to allow me to reach my goal,” he states.

Is in Eastbourne, a city with almost 100.000 of habitants, south of London, where he will begin working on his new projects. This scholarships awarded to Sergio allows him to travel to England, attend an EF college and learn English. The scholarship also includes materials, tuition, housing with a local family. All this allows him to have the intercultural experience beyond the classroom.

Currently Sergio is a researcher working on the project Libertad 2, Universidad Sergio Arboleda´s second satellite.

Hard work, discipline and study. This is his formula to keep up with the hard work and adapt to a city as big as Bogota. ”This three words are at the entrance of my school in Ocaña, and after the years are still three fundamental pillars that allow me to demonstrate that it is possible to be an outstanding student with a high average”

The values he was taught at school allowed him to become an outstanding student. Academic excellence and internationalization, two of the strategic pillars from Universidad Sergio Arboleda, are leading the way for him to become a brilliant professional. “ I have many things to accomplish: this is just the first step” he states.

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