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Saudade is a concept in Portuguese difficult to translate to Spanish that comes closer to what melancholia means. As we listen to Lucas Suoto speak we perceive anything but saudade. At least for now.

Lucas is one of the many Sergistas that came from abroad to live an international experience in Colombia, to know a different culture and deepen in a story different from his. Lucas studies Politics and International Relations and is from Salvador- Bahía. A coastal city with 3 million inhabitants that in many ways represent Brazil where “education is measured by the political doctrine”, so Lucas feels sorry because he believes that the academy must be universal.

This is why when Lucas arrived to Sergio and deepen into Marxism and liberalism he felt a little bit free and liked to feel part of a plural and open place. He states that he learned a lot in his classes with Senator Iván Duque. For him is gratifying to build a network with high-level international professors and students.

When you ask him about Colombia he answers that Universidad Sergio Arboleda is one the places that he likes the most. Of course, the “good vibes people, the music, the bandeja paisa and the lulo juice”, also captivated him.

He also felt in love with La Candelaria” a historic place that portraits the colonial period, with beautiful arquitecture and a particular human and cultural vibration”
Lucas is aware that his biggest learning was to confirm that Colombia should be known by the Brazilians as a free country in Latin America and that the security problems seem to be improving.

Lucas describes our university as a university in continuous search of excellence in which variety of thinking is encouraged. Maybe that is why he decided to extend his stay here and brought his friend Ariane Vanegas de la Rosa.

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