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Satellites international experts visited La Sergio

Click here for read in spanish

Daniel Portnoy, Phd in Physics and astrophysics from Israel, expert in the developing of satellites, and Jose Luis Casanova, experimented  nuclear physician  from Spain, and specialized in the use of satellite images, were the guest jury in the XXIV Engineering Project Fair , that was held at the university on the 12 of November.

“The fair has been excellent, first of all because of the interest shown by the students to turn to societies, because practically every project in today´s fair is oriented towards helping people, their development and that is the most important thing. Second of all, because of the technical and scientific level which is very good, even were some in the professional level.”

In other hand  Portnoy highlighted the innovation of the 58 projects, among which is important to highlight the energy system from the movement of a wheel chair, a 3d simulator of the satellites movement in space, a proposal for the treatment of the decontamination of soil with glyphosate, a bicycle that generates energy, among others.

There is a lot of innovation, imagination and motivation in all the projects. The students got “out their way” to explain their project in a comfortable space. I believe there is good material and tons of intelligence.”

The challenge according to this astrophysics, is achieving that the developments made at the universities can meet the needs the country has.” This Works in benefit of the country because it allows it to be independent from other countries through developing and controlling here those products” pointed out Portnoy. Who also  mentioned the hegemony of the United States with aero spacial material, in contrast with Israel who has freedom since they have local development” this is why I want to motivate students to go towards the topics of technology  and science”


First of all is the personal satisfaction of working in the frontiers of knowledge, from the personal point of view, is very gratifying , because is not only about giving to the hoe, but about handling instruments, techniques and knowledge that are in the limit of what is known until now” , explained Casanova. Who had the opportunity to send his first satellite to space more than 36 years ago.

In addition, although engineering is a field of knowledge facing major challenges at present, the aerospace industry, in the opinion of these two leading astrophysicists, is a field that all countries should explore. “It is absolutely essential if a country is not a trailer of what others want,” said Casanova

Therefore, they did not hesitate to hand over the first place award in the category of research groups to Sergio Perez and Fabian Sierra , students of tenth semester of Electronic Engineering , who developed a simulator that allows you to monitor the capture, storage and distribution of energy of a satellites during a space mission

“The space industry is multidisciplinary, which means that from various fields of knowledge can contribute,” says Portnoy.

On April 17th, 2007, Sergio Arboleda University launched the first Colombian satellite in space “Libertad 1”; one decade after they are working on Libertad 2 to be launched. A project in which are working outstanding researchers with who want to contribute to the development of the industry in our country.

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