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Lisboa, Rome, Paris, Madrid ,Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Palma de Mallorca and coming soon Sevilla, Malaga and Cadiz. This is not the itinerary of a world traveler but the itinerary of Katherin Sarmiento

viajar ori
Lisboa, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Palma de Mallorca and coming soon Sevilla, Malaga and Cadiz. This is not the itinerary of a world traveler but the itinerary of Katherin Sarmiento: student of the program of Marketing and International Relations at Universidad Sergio Arboleda. She bet on an Exchange program as a great opportunity to know the world as she studies.

“I strongly believe that my professional training in Marketing and International Relations will force me to interact with new and different life styles and trends from around the world, in order to be able to comprehend how the different markets work, so this exchange program was the best option for me” Explains Katherin who is dividing her free time between Madrid´s rich cultural offer and the many opportunities to travel around the old continent”

“It is very easy to travel around Europe because of the short distances. You can travel by airplane, bus, train, this is why we have traveled and enjoyed that much”

Her last trip was to Portugal, the west corner of Europe paved with lush tiles from the XV century. Where she got to enjoy not only delicious food but also to know the kindliness of its people.

“The cities of Porto, Belen and Lisboa are beautiful, but the best out of this experience was how lucky we were with a friend to get lost. I say lucky because of this experience we got to know the Portuguese people: How nice they are, always willing to help us: Even giving us a ride back to the hotel”

During the holiday for holly week I have planned to travel to Andalucia, the region in Spain where you can find cities such as Sevilla, Jaen, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Almeria, Cadiz and Huelva and where you can taste the authentic Jerez and the “Archivo General de Indias” is kept. This General Registry has the history of the Spanish colonies in America.

Until that time comes, Katherin continues to enjoy Madrid. “I like a lot walking through “Gran Via”, visiting El Retiro park. I usually attend the activities organized by “Guia del Ocio” in Madrid such as salsa lessons, meet and speak Thursdays. I also enjoy the free cultural activities :free visits to museums, among others”.

She misses her family, but the company and warmth of the other Colombians and students from around the world that meet in Villa and Corte, as also is known Madrid , make it all better. “Thanks to the fact of being away from our country we are a very close group of students, not only with the students from Sergio Arboleda but with the students from El Rosario and our dearest Friends from Mexico, Salvador and Romania”

Now Katherin is aware that the trip she started to do an exchange program will not stop. Other destinations await for her.

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