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On July 4, Sergio Arboleda University signed an agreement for exchange of students with the Swedish university KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the defense and aviation company SAAB.

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The Swedish company SAAB, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Sergio Arboleda University are the architects of the new academic agreement that promotes the student mobility and, aditionally, implement cooperation initiatives in education between Sweden and Colombia.

This agreement was made official in the presence of the rector of the University, Rodrigo Noguera Calderón; Juan Carlos Cárdenas, general secretary of the Institution; Adriana Páez Pino, dean of the School of Exact Sciences and Engineering, Thomas Andersson, National Trade Officer of the Swedish Embassy in Colombia, and Thomas Lindén, Vice President and Executive Director of SAAB Colombia. With the signature, the agreement that allows the exchange of students of La Sergio and KTH Royal Institute of Technology is sealed.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the largest institution for technological higher education in Scandinavia and one of the leading technological universities of Europe. It is also one of the most respected in terms of scientific research and nuclear physics, and is also recognized to be the university of the physical engineer Arne Christer Fuglesang, the first Swedish astronaut who went into space on the STS-116 mission, on December 10, 2006.

The defense and aviation company SAAB, meanwhile, will be responsible for sponsoring students selected by both universities and will be in charge of the costs of maintenance and transfers. Additionally, it will accept two students from each institution to carry out the internships in the company’s installations in Sweden and Colombia.

Thomas Lindé, said that SAAB, a globally recognized company in the aeronautic industry and national security, is focused in decisions that nurture cooperation between both countries, likewise, is convinced of the contribution in innovation and technology of Colombian students, who will have the possibility of participating in the Gripen production line, the combat aircraft that is under development for countries such as Brazil and Sweden.

“We are very proud of this agreement between KTH and Sergio Arboleda University. We know that this a prestigious university here in Colombia and is one of the strongest in its line of programs in the country, for that reason, so we are pleased to work together in on education initiatives like this”, assured Lindén.

By his hand, the National Trade Officer of the Embassy of Sweden in Colombia, Thomas Andersson, stressed the importance of education and bilateral relations between Colombia and the Swedish country.

“What we are looking with this collaboration figure is strengthen relations between governments, where is mainly important to take into account the business and the market that will benefit both countries, but especially education”, said Andersson.

The rector of Sergio Arboleda University, Rodrigo Noguera Calderón, emphasized on how education is changing and is responding to the expectations of globalization. He stressed the importance of internationalization in the face of the opportunity to sign these agreements, since they allow students to strengthen their professional curricula.

“We are developing educational processes, which we could frame within the concept of University 4.0. We are an institution that advances in digital and research, in accordance with the changes and challenges of today’s world. This implies that our agreements must be in tune with the academic excellence of our professionals”, he said.

This kind of agreements allows students of the Sergista Community to advance and prepare in the best universities and institutes in the world; it also offers real possibilities to obtain experience in companies such as SAAB Technology, which handles the last generation technology in the field of combat aeronautics and defense systems in countries such as Brazil and Sweden.

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