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Since 2018, Sergio Arboleda University has been the house of studies of several students of the French business school IESEG School of Management, with campuses in Lille and Paris, with which our Institution has an agreement.


In the last years, La Sergio has become one of the main options for the students of IESEG School of Management, due to its diversity of courses, modern facilities and professors of the highest level.

Three years ago, IESEG School of Management and Sergio Arboleda University signed a mobility agreement for students, teachers and academic staff, with the objective to strengthen global knowledge in the commercial and business administration fields.

IESEG School of Management is one of the best business administration schools in France, it ranks seventh in that country and the thirty-first worldwide, according to the ranking made in 2017 by the British newspaper Financial Times.

Since the agreement was signed, La Sergio has received eight students from this school, who have expressed their pleasure in the courses of marketing, neuromarketing and business plan development, which prepare them to create business and company plans.

This is highlighted by Pauline Legros and Thibault Passaga, two students of business and marketing, who completed a semester of exchange at the University.

“I took a course in which we had to carry out a business plan for a company and it was very interesting, because they allowed us to see how commercial issues how are handled, as well as production manufacturing and how a company develops”, assures Thibault.

For Pauline, in addition to the empathy that she experienced with students of La Sergio and with Colombians in general, was an excellent opportunity to deepen in international marketing and business issues.

“The diversity of courses was very rewarding. I saw a subject of neuromarketing and its contents were really valuable since in our school, in France, we don’t have that kind of subjects”, Pauline points out.

The International School of Administration and Marketing -EIAM, offers specialized programs in business, in addition to a broad teaching network that has mostly been trained in large companies and institutions around the world, and provide the highest quality education with international emphasis.

The agreement with France, valid for five years, has been very attractive for students from this country, because it not only allows them to live an academic experience but it is also a perfect opportunity to known our country.

“People of my school made their exchange here and they perceive Colombia as an incredible place. In addition, La Sergio is an excellent institution that attracts us, that’s why I decided to come”, Léa Pezzani comments.

Manon Crottier, student of business administration and who also accompanies us this semester, has great expectations and she especially hopes to known the Colombian traditions.

“This is a country with a great diversity of culture and landscapes. My friends in France told me that this country has incredible places to meet, their people are very kind and friendly, I am decided to enjoy it”, reiterates Manon.

The doors of La Sergio, an institution where the internationalization is a fundamental pillar, are open for the students from this and other places of the world to live an unforgettable academic and cultural experience.