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Nicolás Moreno Arias, student of the School of Economy, received a scholarship to participate in the international “Summer Young Executive Training Program” thanks to his merits and academic and social dedication, after being honored for the fourth consecutive time in the “Rodrigo Noguera Laborde” Honors Program and maintaining the best average of the University.


Versión en Español

For the first time in the history of the “Rodrigo Noguera Laborde” Honors Program, Sergio Arboleda University gave the international scholarship “Summer Young Executive Training Program” to encourage the excellence at personal, social, academic and professional level of Nicolás Moreno Arias, student of last semester of the School of Economy, whom for the fourth time belonged to the Honors Table and obtained the best academic average of the University.

He was notified of the award on the day of the ceremony in which the best students of the different Schools of the University are recognized in front of their families, friends and partners. “It was a huge surprise because I did not expected that award. I had thought that maybe I will be receiving a plaque or a special diploma for my average, but when the master of ceremonies announced that I have won an international scholarship, I was a bit stunned; I did not know what to do, or how to react”, the student shared with ORI-NEWS.

“Summer Young Executive Training Program” is a course that will be developed in Bogotá and Miami, at the campuses of Sergio Arboleda University and Florida International University-FIU, between June 12th and 22nd, in which Nicolás will expand his knowledge with modules in strategy and innovation, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, human resources, assessment, organizational happiness, strategic communication and wine tasting.

“I have many expectations regarding this experience. I hope it will allow me to learn about other dynamics and rhythms in education, different from those handled here at the University, and to share with students from other places […] this is the first time I am going to study abroad and I think that this will contribute a lot to my resume” explained the future economist.

For some time now, Nicolás has been interested in marketing and business administration issues and how they are related to the economy. In the short term, he visualizes himself involved in macroeconomics, but he does not rule out focusing on business or entrepreneurship issues later. “I think this program that I will be doing in Miami is going to be very useful at long term and I consider that being economist will give me a different vision of the things which I will learn there”, he says.

Sergio Arboleda University, fulfilling its policy of internationalization, constantly supports its students in learning new languages and experiences in other countries through the Office of International Relations, ORI. For this reason, last year, ORI granted international scholarships to two students, Jorge Andrés Salazar and Juan Camilo Romero, to learn English in Malta an New Zealand, respectively.

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