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“Assuming challenges in different cultures, broadens social skills, structures autonomous behaviors and potentiates intellectual “


Ori News spoke with Alexandra Clavijo, Vice Dean of the School of Communication Sciences, about the internationalization processes, global culture and the necessities of the new professionals in the current world.

ORINEWS: Why should a student live an international exchange experience?

ALEXANDRA CLAVIJO: Any student should live the international exchange experience as a way of growing both professional and personally, from the interaction with people and contexts that will allow him to transform his vision of the world.

Permanent technological advances challenge the social communicator and journalist to stablish networks in different places and the best way is broadening the horizons of cultural comprehension, generating new ways of building their profession form the acknowledge of different current realidades.

O.N.: What agreements stand out for the students of Social Communication and Journalism?

A.C.: The highlighted agreements for our students are with Belgrano University in Argentina, UNAM in Mexico, Rey Juan Carlos in Spain, Complutense de Madrid in Spain and with Universidad de Buenos Aires UBA.

O.N.: We know that many of our students travel to Europe to our Campus in Madrid, besides Europe, to what other countries do students travel?

A.C.: Of course, Europe is the great destination, but they also travel to Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Australia

O.N.: In general, how can you evaluate the students experience abroad?

A.C.: Students always say that the experience is about gaining knowledge in many aspects: in one hand, widens their awareness because they meet professionals from other social and cultural context, and in the other hand, the experience allows them to participate in autonomous spaces in which their roll is professional opposed to the experiences in tourists experiences.

In general, the students that have travel abroad; always state their sense of belonging and identity with our country. On the other hand, they develop responsible academic and professional routines, and they improve their capacity of being related through the learning of other languages.

O.N.: In the working level for a student, what benefits represent having the international exchange experience?

A.C.: There are many privileges, for example, they develop the ability to relate with professionals from other parts of the world. Also the up to date of their professional performance in different contexts and their strengthening of their abilities and knowledge.

O.N.: What are the requirements for students who want to apply for and exchange program?

A.C.: The requirements are very basic: The student must have an average above 3, 6(for Mexico is 4,0), must be enrolled in 7th semester or above, and must be leveled . If needed must prove the knowledge of a second language.

O.N.: If you were a student, to which country would you travel and why?

A.C.: At our recent Global Village we had very interesting offers form the United States, which I consider, are of great impact to our students. If I were considering for a program in Social Communication and Journalism, I would search for programs in Brazil, Spain or Mexico. If I were searching for programs to improve or learn a second language I will definitely consider studying in England or Canada.

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