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The arrival of the pandemic has transformed the lifestyle of people and the way of doing things. For that reason, the Sergio Arboleda University, from its International Relations Office, has decided to open the doors to a new way of discovering the world: the internationalization 4.0.

internacionalizacion 4.0 la sergio te conecta universidad sergio arboleda

The COVID-19 put in check the world powers, and the life of the people of all the corners in the planet changed drastically, without option to decide. The pandemic became the main protagonist and now all human beings are together for the same cause: to eliminate the virus.

Over the days, our mentality has been changing. We went from seeing a black panorama, to finding opportunities where we had never imagined before. Now our challenge is to find a way to re-emerge, to reinvent ourselves and, in that, the Sergio Arboleda University has not been left behind. The University is rediscovering itself and connecting its community and society in general, through virtual academic and cultural initiatives.

The International Relations Office – ORI, joins this challenge and reinvents itself to continue strengthening one of the pillars of our Institution: internationalization, which, from now on, will be a internationalization 4.0.

This is the perfect moment to take advantage of the fact that we live in a globalized world and that, with new technologies, there is the possibility to get in touch to any person who is in another country, in just a matter of seconds.

Tanks to virtuality, we will be able to eliminate the physical borders, those barriers that often become an obstacle to travel to another place. Now, the only limits are those that each one imposes.

Although it is true that interpersonal relationships, those that occur face to face, can never be completely replaced, through a computer, it is possible to live a true intercultural experience, because, in addition to deepening knowledge, it will be possible to interact with international teachers and colleagues, and thus know the traditions, gastronomy and culture of other nations. With a little imagination and creativity we can move to the destination that we choose.

So, from now on, the students of La Sergio will have in their hands the possibility of internationalizing without leaving their homes, of making a virtual exchange, of giving a global seal to their professional training. At the same time, those students from the universities with which we have an agreement will be able to move to Colombia with just one click.

It is therefore a time to innovate, to go as far as you want. No matter the circumstances, Sergio Arboleda University and the International Relations Office open the doors for you to do the world your classroom.

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