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Thanks to the Program of Stimuli “Residences in Music” of Idartes, Urpi Barco, a teacher of Sergio Arboleda University with more than 15 years of experience in the national and international scene, traveled to New York to complement her artistic training.

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With more than 15 years of musical career, more than eight awards and more than 17 concerts in Colombia and around the world, Urpi Barco, teacher of the School of Arts and Music, tells about her experience lived in New York, thanks to a scholarship granted by Idartes.

Third time’s the charm”. This popular expression applies to Urpi Barco, a well-known popular singer and teacher of the School of Arts and Music of La Sergio who after applying several times to the call of the Program of Stimuli “Residences in Music” of the Instituto Distrital de las Artes, Idartes, earned a scholarship and, for a month she participated in workshops and master classes by the hand of world-class artists, such as Sofia Rei, from Argentina, and Sofia Ribeiro, from Portugal.

The winner of this program has the possibility to choose the destination where to carry out an internship or a research. Urpi chose New York to develop her project ‘Voice as a musical instrument, improvisation and sound exploration’.

The academy shows us the great performers, their trajectory and the impact they have had for generations, but experiencing and having direct contact with the culture of jazz is something necessary to appropriate the knowledge acquired. Being able to go to an improvisational retreat with one of the jazz legends like Bobby McFerrin is not common and having been able to do it in New York was fascinating”, says the artist.

This experience abroad is added to the different trips that she has made to train and to perform in Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. She has also participated in festival and other events that have promoted her to the international art scene.

The experience working in other countries has been very enriching…it is full of surprises. Being in Colombia I did not realize the value of my work. When I was in Mexico, the audience was very warm, is people who fall in love with your work and who is amazed by all the musical wealth we have in our country”, explains Urpi.

The teacher remembers, in particular, her participation in a jazz festival in Bolivia because she was the first Colombian to attend that event. From that moment, the doors were opened for a greater number of artists from our country.

From these international experiences I can highlight the professional and cultural enrichment that you get. These trips extended me the view to then return to the School of Arts and Music to teach. Understand what happens in New York, which is the capital of the world where the great masters are teaching great groups of artists, to have real contact with what is happening at a vocal pedagogical level and at music level, it undoubtedly creates bridges and contacts to enter into other contexts with the typical music that I like to perform”, the artist adds.

Urpi Barco invites the students of the School of Arts and Music to be perseverant and constant, organized and methodical with their projects, only thus can they promote their dreams to continue opening doors internationally.

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