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Jenniffer Valeria Cardona Camargo, student of the program of Marketing and International Business of La Sergio and who is currently studying abroad at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, Spain, obtained the second place in the Villa de Madrid V Debate Tournament.

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Thanks to her academic exchange at the Francisco de Vitoria University – UFV, many doors were opened to Jenniffer Valeria Cardona, student from La Sergio. One of them was the opportunity to participate in the Villa de Madrid V Debate Tournament, where she was recently crowned with the second place.

The sixth semester student of Marketing and International Business, who throughout her career has stood out for her academic performance, in addition to participating in two seedbeds of research of La Sergio, in 2018 was one of the winners of the scholarship of exchange with universities of Ibero-America of the Francisco de Vitoria University, which offers the opportunity to students from different countries to do a semester abroad in their university campus.

In the Spanish institution she decided to join the Debate Society, where she was received by the speech team formed by the UFV students. “The competitive debate has always caught my attention, improve your public speaking, the ability to analyze and allow you to forge relationships with people from all over the world who share this passion”, says Jenniffer Valeria Cardona.

After several practice workshops with her discussion group, they reached the second place in the final of the Villa Madrid V University Debate Tournament, in which participated universities such as the Polytechnic Univeristy of Madrid (UPM), Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), the Autonomus Univeristy of Madrid (UAM), and the host and venue of the competition, the Complutense University of Madrid.

The young student is part of the Debate Society of La Sergio, this is an exercise in discussion and communication made by students about one or several topics, where the argumentative ability, confronting ideas and working in team is fundamental. At the University, the Sergista has become notable for practicing the type of argument called the British Parliament, which consists of a model of speeches that are carried out in the Canadian and British parliaments.

“In Colombia I was already part of a Debate Society, but being in Spain, I wanted to continue with my training and it was the best decision I made in this semester of exchange, especially because it showed me that competitive debate is of great importance and that the universities around the world are giving it the relevance its deserves”, explains Jenniffer.

The student, who returns to do study at La Sergio, has great expectations for her career
and she is sure that what she learned in this international experience, will contribute much to her professional profile and hopes to be an example for all those who have a soul of leadership and participation.

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