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Three international academic weeks will take place during December. The students of the International School of Administration and Marketing will learn, from the hand of the best experts, the way of teaching and the culture of other countries.

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EIAM- 2017

As is tradition, the International School of Administration and Marketing (EIAM) of Sergio Arboleda University organizes the International Academic Week, but this time, it will be held twice in Miami and Madrid, two cities selected to perform this immersion.

The first stop will be in Miami, United States on December 3. There the students will take lessons at Florida International University (FIU), but with a differentiating factor on this occasion: they will have teachers from Rockford University, one of the most prestigious universities in North America. At the end of the course, they attendance certificate will be delivered by this institution.

This week of classes will have an additional academic component, as they will be taught in the teachers’ mother tongue, that is English, even though they will eventually be accompanied by a teacher who will do their lesson in Spanish. Business visits and the usual cultural activities are also scheduled”, said Luisa Fernanda Godoy, Associate Dean for International Affairs of the EIAM.

It should be noted that students interested in this international week do not have to demonstrate an English proficiency, but it is necessary that they are able to understand it, since they will have to do jobs and activities in this language.

With the same objective, an international week will be held in Madrid, Spain, which starts on December 10. In this academic week, students will approach topics such as world business trends, design thinking, big data and human talent strategies, from the hand of European experts.

And as is tradition, travelers Sergistas will visit renowned companies such as Mahou, the largest brewery in the Iberian country, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, where they will also have a dinner, and Microsoft Center, a company where they will learn about the most important software design strategies for the sport.

They will visit Toledo and the ´El Regajal’ vineyard. This initiative was emerged in the past international academic week, which, according to the comments of the students, was one of the experiences that they enjoyed the most”, added Luisa Godoy.

The diploma program to train young executives

The academic agenda of 2018 continues to report surprises for the students of the EIAM. On this occasion, the YEPT (Young Executive Training Program), a certificate course for the students of lasts semesters, will be held for the first time in Madrid, Spain, and the dates will coincide with those of the international academic week so that, in the same trip, they can have the option to take advantage of these two academic opportunities. It should be noted that this program can homologate the degree work.

Traditionally it was always done in Miami, but this time we prefer to do it in Madrid so the students could do both. This is a program with very high level professors, all or most 1074168_467218400053128_554101836_o (2) of them are teachers of our Executive MBA. There will be also business visits, of which the work plan is being built, as they will have a different approach, in addition to the traditional cultural activities”, commented the Associate Dean for International Affairs of the EIAM.

Another differential aspect is that at the last day of the program, students will travel to Barcelona to visit other companies. We prepared an activity called “Cultural Challenge” with the objective to make feel the students more comfortable with the cities and to give them to opportunity to discover its.

All the students of the International School of Administration and Marketing are welcomed to do this programs; however, for the specific case of the YEPT, the students who want to apply should be in the lasts semesters, preferably in seventh or higher because the topics are very advanced in the syllabus of the programs”, added Luisa Godoy.

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