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2017 leaves a very positive balance in terms of international mobility. More than a thousand students visited our campus in Madrid and about 40 students made use of the international agreements that Sergio Arboleda University has.

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We are coming to the end of 2017, a year in which Sergistas were encouraged once again, to discover the world and live an international academic experience. About 1200 students visited our Center of International Excellence, CEISA, located in Madrid, Spain, and there they had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge beside qualified teachers and experts from different parts of the world. It was also the perfect occasion to interact with other cultures and customs. On the other hand, the campus of La Sergio in Miami, the International Center of Academic Excellence, ICAE, hosted the first groups of students who choose to hold their international academic week in Brickell, the financial heart of the city and ICAE headquarters.

Additionally, 39 undergraduate students decided to give an added value to their academic profiles by completing a double international degree or through a semester of exchange in countries like France, Spain, Australia, Mexico and Peru.

Vanessa Molina, student of Finances and International Trade, for example, did her exchange at Universidad del Pacífico, in Lima, Peru, thanks to one of the scholarships of the Student and Academic Mobility Platform of the Pacific Alliance. “ I was able to live not only with Peruvians but also with people of other nationalities with whom I also traveled through the country. I grew professionally and personally and I would definitely repeat this experience”, says Vanessa.

For María Angélica Cediel, Sebastián Carreño and Jheferson Gaitán, students of the International School of Administration and Marketing, who are doing their double degree at Griffith University in Australia, it is very important to highlight the possibility of meeting people from other countries, as well as the privilege of living in Brisbane, capital of Queensland and cosmopolitan city that it is recognized for its highs standards of quality of life, two aspects that have allowed them to perform better in the academic and professional world.

And like these, there are many testimonials of the students who praise and recognize how positive an international experience can be. For that reason, none of them doubt to invite and encourage other students to live and enjoy it, because they agree that the knowledge, memories and friendships earned are forever. The International Relations Office and the Schools work every day to strengthen and expand the options for study abroad.

In conclusion, this is a year with a very positive balance in terms of international mobility and we hope that the next one will be even better. We invite you to dare to make the world your classroom in 2018.

Happy Holidays!

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